Dear Friends:
As you may know, last night I lost in my race for county commission.The campaign for the past six months has been a journey. Over this time I have had a chance to meet many new people, learn about our local government and key issues, discover myself and get unconditional love and support from my family and friends.First the people.  Our district is make of a mosaic of America: White, Black, rich, poor, those who live in broken down homes and those in million dollar homes. Often, I saw that one did not know about the other and yet only lived a few miles apart.Our local government. To many people’s surprise, I am still optimistic about local government. I believe we can make changes– but we need the right people, with right intentions, with right strategy at the right time – and the luck and opportunity to make it happen. It’s easy to be cynical about politics and say that nothing can be done – but I believe it’s doable but difficult. In fact, we have no choice but to improve our government.Issues. The greatest issue for Memphis and Shelby County is economic growth – which can come with educational progress and a strong workforce – all of which will lead to better health and quality of life.

As for me. The Campaign was a journey to strive for my passion to find unique ways to bring a change. I discovered I have much more energy and drive than I had ever imagined. As for my family – Sunita, Sapna, Monika, Rishab as well as my parents and parents-in law – their unconditional support throughout the campaign has been the anchor which has allowed me to reach beyond.
As for my friends and supporters – your confidence in me has been paramount.
And for my interns and volunteers who gave life to this campaign – each and every day coming to the campaign office – making calls and knocking on doors – you are awesome.
Again – I cannot thank you enough. Thank you one and all.