• Dr. Manoj Jain

    Dr. Manoj Jain is a community leader, a doctor and has been a columnist for The Commercial Appeal. Come and share your ideas on how to make Shelby County the best place to live in America. Discuss yours ideas on Economic/Jobs growth, Educational progress, and Quality healthcare.

  • Safe and Healthy Environment

    Good health is essential for a fiscally and physically healthy community. Access to quality health care aids a productive workforce, the fundamental development of children and reduction in the cost of care, which in turn affects individual success and economic well-being for the county.

  • Healthy Economy

    For economic growth, we need to create employment and income opportunities for all Shelby County residents. We need to support existing institutions that actively pursue employers, grow small businesses and stimulate interest in entrepreneurship.

  • Healthy Education System

    On Friday afternoons, Dr. M. Jain mentors youth at the Boys and Girls Club of America on Ross Road. These experiences reinforce one basic fact: All of our children have the potential to be smart, college-ready graduates, but it is up to us to provide them the opportunities to achieve this goal.

  • Healthy Job Growth

    Poor education and lack of educational opportunities lead to lower employability, which leads to poor economic and job growth, all of which lead to poor health outcomes. Dr. M. Jain is committed to breaking this cycle.

The end of a long campaign journey

Dr. Manoj

It’s election night and my campaign team of interns, volunteers and family members are huddled around the TV awaiting local election results. They are some 30 people young and old, white, black and Asian, professionals and students. My daughters cling to Nicole, one of a dozen campaign interns, who recently graduated from St. Mary’s school …

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Thanks for your support for our campaign


Dear Friends: As you may know, last night I lost in my race for county commission.The campaign for the past six months has been a journey. Over this time I have had a chance to meet many new people, learn about our local government and key issues, discover myself and get unconditional love and support …

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Dr. Jain is a medical doctor and lives with his family in East Memphis. His parents immigrated to the United States when he was 10 years old. He grew up in Boston, where he also attended medical school and the School of Public Health, and conducted residency training. Dr. Jain and his wife moved to …

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